This blog is combining two of my passions; analytics and music.

logo_705The name of the blog is taken from an excellent Shuggie Otis album. The album is considered a cult classic for Shuggie as he transitioned from traditional blues music structures to embrace new technologies and instrumentation creating a more expansive electric sound.

I felt this was a good analogy to myself and why I started the blog. I’m a Statistician with a solid grounding in statistical theory and techniques. I’ve also gained lots of experience in data mining. However I wanted to improve my programming skills, find out more about machine learning, discover new ideas from the world of software engineering, and keep up to date with the latest analytical technologies. Basically improve my “data science” credentials.

The aim is to challenge myself and try out new analytics on music related data. Hopefully it will be a positive motivational tool and help provide me with a knowledge repository. Plus if anyone else finds it useful then all the better!

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